Consultation, Design, Installation and Regular Maintenance for our complete line of smoke + fire rated curtains and doors as well as partner life safety products.

The life safety equipment installed in your building is designed to meet building code requirements for compartmentalizing and protecting against the spread of smoke and fire in an emergency. We install and maintain a complete line of horizontal and vertically deploying smoke and fire curtains as well as static draft curtains, doors, and other deployable separations. As with any life safety equipment, it is essential to ensure that these systems are working properly over the course of time and compliant with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Smoke Guard California is the exclusive representative to furnish, install, and service Smoke Guard products in California and northern Nevada. We also furnish, install, and service the SGCA Door line for both California and Nevada and provide service and installation of a variety of partner life safety products.

The Smoke Guard California team is well versed in all Smoke Guard products as well as a variety of partner life safety products. Not only can we provide in person maintenance and consultations, but we are also happy to provide documentation and maintenance manuals when needed.

Smoke Guard California is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smoke Guard Inc., a CSWI Industrials Company.



Required maintenance provided by Smoke Guard California includes:

  • semi-annual cycle testing and system performance documentation
  • multi-point system inspection to ensure proper functioning of components
  • replacement of system batteries (Smoke Guard system batteries must be replaced every 3 years)
  • replacement of components showing wear (aside from damage by abuse or neglect)
  • notification of related/connected component failure (smoke detectors, fire-alarm control panel, power circuits, etc.)
  • performance testing documentation in case of catastrophic loss or requests for production by local fire department
  • communication with the manufacturer related to component and system functionality.