Horizontal Protective Curtains for Segmenting Atriums

Vertical fire curtains have been a part of fire and smoke safety plans for quite a while now. They can easily be placed at a stairwell, elevator shaft or expansive hallway to segment portions of a building in the event of a fire. Much like vertical curtains, a horizontal fire protective curtain may eliminate the need for

Smoke Protection In Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are intended to provide care for our elderly population. These facilities are typically built in a multi-residential unit fashion and therefore can have significant challenges when it comes to building codes. Furthermore, the residents of an assisted living facility can have limited mobility so providing as much time as possible for egress

Call Smoke Guard California for Easy Maintenance

Are your fire detection, notification and response systems up to scratch? A commercial fire protection system needs regular inspections, maintenance and testing to make sure it can keep your occupants safe in an emergency. Because emergencies are few and far between, your smoke and fire protection systems can go unnoticed and unchecked for long periods

Smoke Curtains in Multi-Story Buildings

During a fire emergency, the most important task for firefighters is to save lives. To do so in an efficient manner, firefighters need smoke to be as quarantined as possible. In the case of multi-story buildings, such as office buildings or residential buildings stairwells and elevator shafts can serve as a chimney for smoke. Without

Reduce Smoke Inhalation with Automatic Smoke Curtains

Automatic fire rated smoke curtains can be integral in blocking heat and smoke from entering the building’s rooms in the event of an emergency. With our magnetic gasketing system, these smoke-rated curtains can be installed discretely and will deploy automatically during a fire. Due to the natural chimney effect that elevator shafts cause during a fire, automatic

Horizontal Fire Curtains For Atriums

Smoke Guard California offers an innovative option for smoke & fire protection for open atriums. The Model 3000 is a fire-rated curtain that deploys horizontally to separate floors and inhibit the transfer of smoke from the place of incident to the rest of the building. Atriums provide an important design aesthetic when it comes to

Smoke Control in High-Rise Buildings: Part 2

As mentioned in the first part of this series, high-rise buildings provide a variety of complications when it comes to controlling smoke and fire in the event of an emergency. Due to large square footage a combination of systems are often used to create an effective form of smoke control and management. Most building codes

Smoke Control in High-Rise Buildings: Part 1

Very tall buildings have several unique characteristics that increase the severity of potential fire events including higher occupancy, longer evacuation times, access issues for responders and potential water pressure/availability issues. Because of these potential obstacles, integrating adequate smoke control systems during the design process is essential. “Smoke Control” refers to limiting the movement of smoke

Alternatives to Enclosed Elevator Lobbies

In multi-story buildings, elevator shafts can act like chimneys as they enable large amounts of air to move from floor to floor. Just as they enable the movement of air, elevator shafts can also transport smoke throughout a building in the case of a fire. As smoke rises upwards, it easily seeps through elevator doors

The Advantages of Deployable Curtain Systems

Deployable smoke and fire containment curtains have been used for quite some time to effectively protect elevators. However, their integration into atrium design is relatively new. Flexible fire and smoke curtains provide many advantages over a stand-alone smoke exhaust system. Compared with a complex smoke exhaust system, passive smoke curtains are a simpler system and

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