Horizontal Smoke Curtain – Product Spotlight

The Model 3000 is on our newest and most exciting products. This model is a horizontally deploying curtain that can serve to separate floors in the event of an emergency. This is especially helpful in the design of open atriums. Model 3000 Horizontal Smoke Curtain Highlights: Protects openings up to 20 feet wide and 30

Model 3000: Horizontal Fire Curtain Performance Standards

Smoke Guard California now offers the Model 3000, a horizontally deploying smoke rated curtain, that provides phenomenal protection in open spaces such as atriums. However, when considering a smoke and fire protection plan for your project, it is crucial to consult the compliance and performance standards of all devices. The Smoke Guard Model 3000 upholds

Horizontal Fire Curtains For Atriums

Smoke Guard California is offering an exciting new option for smoke & fire protection for open atriums. The Model 3000 is a fire-rated curtain that deploys horizontally to separate floors and inhibit the transfer of smoke from the place of incident to the rest of the building. Atriums provide an important design aesthetic when it

Model 4000: A Great Addition to an Existing Smoke Management System

When tackling fire code requirements for multi-story atriums, Smoke Guard’s Model 4000 fire-rated curtain is a great solution. This vertically deploying perimeter curtain installs into a ceiling without the need for support posts in the corners. This specific fire-rated curtain is perfect for shielding grand staircases or escalators from smoke or flames in the event

Model 4000: Perimeter Fire Curtain Performance Standards

The Model 4000 Perimeter curtain provides unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to fire protection and open atrium design. Until now, meeting fire code requirements in atriums meant corner posts or columns were needed. However, the new Model 4000 perimeter curtain creates an enclosure of fire-rated curtains surrounding large openings such as a grand staircase without

Open Atrium Solutions: Perimeter Fire + Smoke Curtains

Open and airy atriums can be very environmentally friendly and typically offer large amounts of natural light and easy traffic flow. However, securing open atriums with fire and smoke protection standpoint can be tricky. This is especially true when integrating an open, convenience stairs or escalator in a non-egress path. The Model 4000 Perimeter Curtain

The Purpose of Smoke Control in Atrium Spaces

When dealing with a large building, atrium spaces present challenges when it comes to building codes. Because of the wide open nature of an atrium, controlling smoke and fire presents a real dilemma. However, in order to allow time for occupants to evacuate safely in the event of an emergency, a smoke management system must

Why Smoke Guard California?

Whether you are doing renovations or starting new construction, it is imperative to adhere to all fire safety building codes. However, just because there are codes to abide by doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design. Smoke Guard’s fire curtain specialist can help design a specific solution for your situation. We can help integrate atrium

Fire & Smoke Safety for Theaters

Think about the last time you were in a theater or auditorium. When it is time for everyone the leave, inevitably the doorways get quite crowded and you end up sitting in a long line. Now imagine that same scenario during a fire-related emergency. As you can imagine, it is imperative to give as much

Fire Safety in Prisons and Detention Centers

Jails, Prisons and detention centers provide a unique dilemma when it comes to fire and smoke safety. Not only are these buildings already somewhat segmented, but the safety and security of both residents and employees needs to be taken into consideration. Chances are, these buildings already have evacuation procedures in place that need to be

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