Reduce Smoke Inhalation with Automatic Smoke Curtains

Automatic fire rated smoke curtains can be integral in blocking heat and smoke from entering the building’s rooms in the event of an emergency. With our magnetic gasketing system, these smoke-rated curtains can be installed discretely and will deploy automatically during a fire. Due to the natural chimney effect that elevator shafts cause during a fire, automatic smoke curtains in front of elevators are highly recommended as elevator shafts have a tendency to draw smoke to other floors not currently affected by the fire. Combing an elevator smoke curtain with an elevator door will create a nearly impenetrable assembly required by building codes. Similarly, smoke & fire curtains that block smoke from drifting up or down staircases are also highly effective for similar reasons. Automatic fire rated curtains and elevator shaft curtains are a must for any multi-story building and can greatly reduce smoke inhalation. In addition to doorways, large opening protectives can help segment large spaces such as multi-level atriums, conference spaces and more. With many customizable sizes, Smoke Guard California has a configuration that will work for your needs. Give us a call today!